Why is Finding a Job so Hard?

Getting a job is not as easy as it seems. One has to face many hurdles and refusals before finally getting the desired job. It often happens that you go through the entire interview session at a workplace with a sufficiently satisfactory performance. However, you do not hear from them later once you step out of the office. This leaves you thinking what went wrong during your interview or what were you shortcomings etc. The employers may not always explain your fault or grant a viable cause for denying my application. Therefore, we list below few important things you might be doing wrong. Take good care of these before appearing for a job interview.

Appropriate qualification

The right qualification plays a key role. The job market has thousands of applicants who are highly skilled and qualified according to the requirements of the employer. High qualification does not only mean the right degree but also, whether you have some; or enough experience to handle the duties of that job.


The listed information in your CV and job application must be correct and up to date. Most employers will expect to be able to validate the information therein before scheduling an interview with you.

Cover Letter

Another vital part of the job application is your cover letter. It should be very well written and consist of three to four paragraphs addressing your comprehensive abilities and capabilities. The cover letter should be written to the point and right on target concerning the demands and objectives of that particular job you are applying for.


References play a vital role in a person’s ability to find employment. Some companies might want to check on your provided references.


There are a few things which need to be taken into account while preparing for an interview. Time management, how you respond to the interview questions as well as showing interest and passion for your work. Combined with the few other factors, these key elements help you bring forward your best while you appear for an interview.

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